Recording studio Artichoque

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The high-end recording studio Artichoque is situated in the downtown of the beautiful city of Oisterwijk (North Brabant, NL). It’s a music production facility of over 100 square meters, ready for your project. The studio is equipped with the best (analogue) gear and flexible acoustics, including a producer with over ten years of experience.

At the Artichoque recording studio you are at the right place for recording, editing, mixing or for a complete production including CD printing/duplication. We use the best gear; tube microphones (Neumann, FLEA, BLUE), high-end pre amps (Millennia, Neve, API, Retro instruments) and lots of outboard gear like EQ’s, compressors and reverbs. As you can see we mix analogue on an Audient ASP 8024 Mixing console & SSL Sigma. If you have questions about the studio or your project, don’t hesitate to give us a call (+316-54316232) or send us an e-mail.

Why record at recording studio Artichoque?

  • Worldclass gear & analogue mixing with automation
  • A backline with for example a grand piano
  • A big live room of 60m2 & 2 ISO booths
  • An experienced engineer and producer who plays multiple instruments
  • A network of session musicians
  • Beautifully situated between Tilburg and Den Bosch, 100 meters away from the train station.

Besides the lively and tuned liveroom, the recording studio has 2 ISO booths and a guitar booth. It’s possible to record a whole band without bleed!

Want to know more?

Don’t hesitate to contact us!